Monster High added Lorna McNessie & Marisol Coxi to the student profiles - except Marisol’s page doesn’t work - but I assume everyone else found her image the same way I did.

"Maricoxi" they coulda just said Big Foot.



If Holt is not in the “Monsterific Musical” line, I will riot.

And it better be a deluxe doll with an updated diary (that mentions Jackson) and he better not be FUCKING SHORT PACKAGED.

As long at that musical is not ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

The world is not prepared for Holt in a corset and panties.

I’m more than prepared.

No offense to men, but what is with guys who cannot stand one single strong female character in a mostly male dominated video game? Just one single tough girl, and they go ape shit. I mean it’s amazing, are they really that insecure?


I mean it would be nice for female wow players to actually have more than just four female leaders to look up to. Why is that wrong?


Warlords of Draenor Thrall vs Garrosh Nagrand cinematic.

Garrosh has some serious points here. Thrall really dicked up.


nothing’s easy is it


Back when I asked for EAH doodle requests someone gave me Cerise and a girl of my choice so here’s this.